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The Agony and The Ecstasy
Alcohol, once again, has been my undoing. Oh lady, you never learn. That being said, no regrets! Last night was amazing. But let's backtrack a little.

Xmas (i.e. ex-mas) was fantastic; different, but great. It was kind of weird not being at Nana's and by the third day I was experiencing a social overload but the smell of the tree, a shitload of seafood, beautiful weather and funnily enough plenty of booze made it a really lovely week. Families got along well, not surprisingly, and I got to catch up with a few friends which I could never do in Wollongong so that was bonus. Dad took us to the croquet club on Boxing Day, because when you're the secretary and the 2nd division champion and you have the keys you can do things like that. It was awesome! Croquet shits all over bowls. It's mild exercise with a hint of tactical gameplay. And I won. Another bonus.

It being summer and all we've been beaching it up a bit and I've even been in the water. My hair got wet and everything. Staggering I know. It's been pretty blissful, hot, sunny, muggy summer days, my beloved and I downing beers, books and kisses. Joy. We bought a couch today too. Comfortable City, population ME. Wow, I am severely hungover. Tom and I saw The National last night and needless to say it was phenomenal. Soulful, intense, Matt Berninger's voice did not disappoint. If anything it was even better live. Apartment Story and Fake Empire gave me some massive happiness. As did the copious amounts of wine ingested pre-show, during show and post-show at Albie's new digs just round the corner from the Enmore and we were talking shit well into the night. The music just keeps coming, still wetting my pants with excitement and anticipation for Shpongle and Grinderman, seeing as Trentemoller at Field Day signalled the start of an amazing year of music. NYE was a nonevent as usual, boy passed out at 9.30, I got to see some fireworks but at midnight my pizza arrived and I settled down to some Mad Men (!! cannot get enough). However Field Day more than made up for the lack of excitement the night before. A stinking hot, cloudless day meant dancing while the sun was up was a bit too exerting but we busted out some moves for The Rapture just coz the energy was so high. Slow start but as the sun went down and the pills came on we had as close a moment as the glory dance days of 2008. Danced like a maniac to Plump DJs for a solid hour then stored up some energy for the almighty Trentemoller. It. Went. Off. 90 minutes felt like 5, I could've stayed and danced in front of that stage all night. Everyone was feeling the vibe. Other notable highlights were: Demi the tatto artist from Newcastle (Demi-Goddess), Beardyman (tie me kangaroo down sport, tie me kanagaroo down...penetrate a platypus!), Far Afield Cinema( (Son of The Blob, Reptilicus, JFK assassination footage plus free drinks for saying thank you to the guy running it), Purple Sneakers DJs (always quality), and watching the parade of provocative, chic and at times questionable fashions. Good day!

So my days are filled with newspapers, crosswords, Herman Hesse, the Tomorrow When The War Began series (adolescent but readable), movies (Tron was visually entertaining but otherwise pretty awful), finishing my World Religions essay (in the nick of time) and attempting to become a normal person i.e. learning to ride a bike (I keep dreaming I can do, why doesn't this translate to real life?).

Who? Me and You. When? Twenty Ten. Why? Who knows.
 I tried meditating this afternoon. I probably only achieved about ten minutes worth but it was remarkably calming. I have trouble controlling my monkey mind, as soon as you feel as though you've reached a point of stillness a little voice remarks 'wow! you're doing it!' and the whole effect is spoiled. If I'm going to get cheesy and make some new year's resolutions, starting yoga again will definitely be one of them. No more excuses!

Went to a very enlightening lecture at Sydney Uni by Frans de Waal on empathy and morality. As a primatologist de Waal has been studying empathy in primates and has found that, on some level, all mammals have a sense of comradeship and empathy with their fellows stemming from the maternal instinct. In fact, synchronicity occurs across the animal world, from schools of fish to flocks of birds. So the crux of the matter is that empathy and understanding seem to be evolutionary traits, innate rather than learned behaviour. de Waal showed video of some of his research with monkeys being fed cucumber or grapes, hilarity ensued. Whoever claims that humans are simply anthropomorphising this kind of behaviour, laying human characteristics over animal actions clearly has limited empathy for their fellow living creatures. He didn't go into it in an hour-long talk but there are obvious connotations with these kinds of studies that religion and human-imposed and created morality is not necessarily so (Dawkins is a fan so this must be accurate on some level). This was all confirmed for me by a very reputable source Frankie (as in the magazine). One of the articles suggested people that are more susceptible to the contagious yawn are probably nicer, more empathetic people. de Waal also used this example of our inherent empathetic nature and I couldn't stop yawning afterwards ergo I must be an incredibly nice person.

Went up to the Central Coast with boy's parents to enjoy some sun and food. Had far more of the latter than the former and I'm a little concerned about the prospect of swimwear now. It was pretty much a precursor to xmas so I better start fasting in preparation for the vast amounts of seafood I'm going to consume this week.

Bought tix for Field Day, consolation prize instead of Peat's Ridge but I'm happy with that. Undecided as to what NYE will involve, probably low key drinks with a hint of fireworks. Not my favourite day of the year so I'm more than happy to let it slide. (Sure won't compare to a beach in Bahia!)


This year I:
Started working in a gallery
Almost finished uni..
Survived six weeks overseas with the boyfriend
Moved in with the boyfriend. Survived that too
Took a drawing class
Went to less parties and more brunches
Edited UNSWeetened 2010
Learnt a lot about contemporary art and worked for Sydney Biennale
Read a few good books: Atonement, At Home, Lolita
Read a few not so good books: Moll Flanders, Pamela, Joseph Andrews
Saw a few good films: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Boy, Easy A, Toy Story 3, Exit Through The Gift Shop, Micmacs
Saw a few terrible films: Eat Pray Love (disappointing!), Grown Ups, Killers, Harry Potter wasn't too great either
Sat in the audience for Q&A
Saw Richard Dawkins in person!
Got published here and there
Made new friends
Won trivia
Wasn't sick all year
Met Eli
Relaxed a little


Sculpture By The Sea 2010

A Selection...Collapse )

Summer Lovin
Summer is well and truly here, signalled by the exodus of the seasonal travellers post-uni. Several of my lovely lady friends are off to South America, which is bringing up all kind of nostalgia; this time last year that was me! And Stef has left the country yet again. But plenty to revel in here at home; getting super psyched for Xmas, buying baubles and silly $2 store trinkets. I know it's more crap and commercialism but I really, really do love Xmas! Not the Jesus bit so much, but the peace on Earth and goodwill to all kind of resonates with me. Plus I love buying presents for people. And shortbread. And prawns and beach and sunshine! Newcastle should be swell, lots of high school friends and champagne is the plan.

The No Reserve Auction at Global was intense and amazing! Sold just about everything in a flurry of bidding and paperwork. Took most of the rest of the week to sort out who bought what and what was being sent where. Got a great insight into the logistics of running an auction, interesting stuff! Can't wait until the day I can afford to buy pieces of that quality (although to be fair, they were mostly copies of Gil Elvgren). By the by, Ropar's daughter Ruby is just about the cutest kid I've ever seen, and I'm saying that as an aunt. Just adorable.

Got marks back from uni; two distinctions and a fucking 74. I hate that. One mark off. Always happens with one subject every semester. 'World Religions' is going really well, some things I was already aware of, others things are totally new and adding to my knowledge. This kind of comparative religion course is EXACTLY what they should be running in schools instead of fucking SRE, or even ethics classes. Combatting ignorance of other people's faith is surely the first step towards a more harmonious, understanding society. Seems obvious to me. Looking forward to reading boy's The Moral Landscape, which outlines why we don't need a religious foundation to be moral and ethical. Hopefully it will be enlightening. Boy and I had a fairly massive conversation about the in/compatibility of science and spirituality. Not sure what the conclusion was, and not sure I felt particularly satisfied afterwards but I guess it's the beginning of a road to somewhere.

Went up to Gosford with a crew to see Syndey FC play; I haven't been to a match in so long I'd forgotten how much drinking is attached to the event. Plus the train there. And back. Oi! We lost 4-0 but still had a good time. Ate way too much gross stadium/fast food that day. Would prefer not to think about the repercussions...

Simply can't get enough Nick Cave right now. So Fucking Excited for the Grinderman gig in January. Arrrgh.

Been hiring a whole heap of movies and not actually getting around to watching them. Creation was notable. Not sure how historically accurate it was but it was certainly an interesting take on the life and ideas of Darwin. Probably a bit over-sentimental about the manner in which his daughter's death affected him but poignant nonetheless and he grapples with the notion that he has killed God with his theory. Paul Bettany looked a bit young but played the perpetually ill and somewhat tortured Darwin well.

Pics for Sculpture By the Sea 2010 to follow!

Blitz Editor 2011, thank you very much! Will be doing my best to up the standard and make it a top notch publication. Funnier, smarter, better.

Made a full page ad for MX today at the gallery, first experience with InDesign, probably not the last.

Awesome dinner with awesome people at Thai Potong (still diggin Newtown), then the latest Harry Potter which was certainly made more entertaining by the copious amounts of wine consumed with dinner.

Can't elaborate now, no time, gotta live!

(a)live music
The National+Grinderman+Shpongle+Joanna Newsom+The Chemical Brothers = AWESOME SUMMER

Central and South coast holidays for reading and eating locked in and a trip to NYE in Brisbane is in the works. Jobs are on the back burner for now, just enjoying interning and christmas shopping and the sunshine when he cares to show his face.

For the sake of doing this regularly..

Grown Ups was fucking awful. Well maybe not awful, but really, really average. Not funny enough for adults, not fun enough for kids. Just a heap of mediocre comedians playing poorly drafted characters in a flimsy plot. Nothing happens. Salma Hayek is still hot though.

How To Train Your Dragon conversely, was pretty rad. I can see how it would have suited the 3D experience (as much as I'm morally opposed to it) because of all the wicked flying scenes. Good dose of humour and cuteness from the dragons; it's a pity they're mythical characters or I'd really want one for a pet.

Gonna watch Toy Story 3 again tonight with my fella; hope it's as good the second time round! I will watch adult movies eventually.

Art Sydney '10
Just when I thought things would calm down after uni I've been busier than ever. Scored an interview for Blitz next week which I'm pretty stoked about, kind of studying for my exam on Saturday (ew) and I've been helping out at Global Gallery a fair bit. Busy Miss Lizzy indeed. So last night I scored a pass to the opening night of Art Sydney, the affordable art fair. I felt way out of my depth, it was definitely the in-crowd of the art world plus a whole heap of bigwigs; the CEO of Unicef bought a few works from Global, so I imagine there were more of his type floating around. Beer kept flowing and eventually everyone was pretty happy; it's always funny to see your bosses let loose. I kind of get the feeling that everyone involved in this industry is kind of crazy, to differing degrees. One of the artists at Global got in to some kind of punch up at the gallery the night before and was hobbling round on cruches. Then he said he needed to get his buzz on and named like three of the worst drugs you could possibly take. And apparently he has a one year old daughter. OK! Then there's another guy at Global, not sure what his actual role is but he has a pretty wicked parrot that he goes with him everywhere. I suppose there's probably some correlation between creativity and having the crazies. Whilst there was a lot of crap at the fair I also spied so many beautiful pieces, need to borrow like $3000. One day...

Hopefully, finally going to get to see Sculpture By the Sea on Sunday and let loose at various parties!

First Tuesday of November: Below Average Day
It's the 2nd November, Melbourne Cup Day, well into Spring at it's frickin freezing. 17 degrees. wtf? So instead of those warm, sunny feelings you associate with the coming Summer, I started the day feeling like I'd backtracked several months to mid-Winter and all the shitty inklings that come with the cold weather. It also didn't help that last night I watched the Banksy doco Exit Through the Gift Shop and had crazy, in-depth art related dreams all night. Fuck it was a good movie though. Totally diverting, defying all expectations. Though it does has some amazing footage of street artists and their craft (it was pretty special to see Banksy at work), it actually turns the tables on the film-maker, a nut job French guy and ends up being about his obsession with filming and his attempt at putting on his own street art exhibition. I'm tempted to call bullshit on the whole thing, it just seemed too eccentric, too amazing to be a true story. My feeling is that it's a hoax, a 'prankumentary' so they say, illustrating the ridiculous and fickle nature of the art world and the money that drives it. Seems a very Bansky thing to do, to just fuck with everyone's head and use his star power to highlight the absurdity of selling street art in auction houses for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Good on him. 5 stars fo sure.

Had a lovely movie date with my gal Nish to see Easy A which, not knowing anything about it, was surprisingly good. It's the 'Mean Girls' of 2010; Emma Stone is what Lindsay Lohan would be if she wasn't so coked up. Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind on the other hand was surprisingly disappointing, probably because I rate Charlie Kaufman so highly. Oh well. Drew Barrymore was excellent in it as the effervescent, irrepressible Penny but apart from her performance not much to write home about. I think George Clooney directing may have sullied the script a little.

So the Melbourne Cup is kind of shitting me, or rather the whole horse racing/gambling industry. "The race that stops a nation" so its citizens can drink, throw away money and frock up. There is no other purpose behind this day other than alcohol, gambling and fashion, all of which I see as fatuous and self-indulgent pastimes. /rant.

Today was a good day. After a few emails back and forth with Ed, the curator of Global Gallery in Paddington today I had my first day interning. It was bliss! I helped hang a show that's opening tomorrow; a whole heap of little jobs like patching up the walls for the "white cube" look, hanging and straightening works in uniform rows, a pedantic job but I'm glad I've learnt how it's done. Met an artist that's exhibiting in December, a Ksubi model who's published a book of black and white photos of him starkers; very PoMo? I'm not sure. But he was so good looking to the point of being intimidating. Ed is very very lovely and I want to go back and do more! I think it will be a rad place to hang over summer.

I met Eli last week; tiny perfection. So warm, so small! Smells amazing. I still can't quite believe my best friend has a real live BABY, but there you go. Many visits home will ensue to see him grow.

Having a real urge to splurge, I have all this money sitting in my bank account but I'm well aware that the gravy train is about to run out i.e. centrelink and I should be sensible and save it. But there are so many pretty things waiting and wanting to belong to me!

Keep it up sunshine, I'm lovin it.


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